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May 7, 2007

Have just got back from the conference I mentioned in my last post and it has really got me thinking…..though I will save my wonderful thoughts for my next post as right now I am sitting in a web 2.0 tools class (see Merrolee’s site for further info on this class) and have been searching for Occupational Therapy Blogs (besides those of my fellow class members!). The first blog site I came across was Will’s which I spent ages navigating around reading his interesting and thought provoking posts and opinions on OT. Definately a must visit! Other sites I have found are Patti’s (who is a ‘soon-to-be OT graduate’ and uses her site to share her thoughts and experience on the road to becoming an Occupational Therapist) and Aishel’s (a new grad OT also using her site to share information, knowledge and her experiences of entering the workforce).

So to all those occupational therapists out there who are using blogs as a tool to reflect and share your knowledge….keep it up – we can never get our profession ”out there’ enough! And to those of you who aren’t into the blogging thing yet….try it out!

So check these out……I’ll post more as I find them (let me know if you come across any blogs you recommend!)