A feel good assessment for Occupational Therapists!

May 28, 2007

After reading the comments on my last post I reflect back on my occupational therapy practice and those aspects that make us different or set us apart from other professions and am always reminded of a tool/assessment that supports our role as Occupational Therapist and brings us back to the ground roots – the AMPS. I completed the AMPS training in 2002 and by the way I have just gone on you would think I’d use it religiously! To be perfectly honest I have struggled slightly with adopting the use of this assessment into my practice and I think if I have to put if down to one thing it particular it would have to be the time factor. Despite not using the assessment to its full extent the training did further develop my assessment and observational skills and I use a lot of the terminolgy in my day to day practice. I recently came across an article on Adopting the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills into Practice: Therapist’s voices, of which I am yet to read but am hoping it may shed some light on how others are finding this process. Despite not using the assessment all that often I am a strong advocate for the assessment itself and am planning on making a big effort again to begin using it as I am sure the more often I use it the quicker I will become at it therefore should be unable to continue using the old time excuse! Time will tell……………………



  1. So in general have you felt that the more you use assessments, the faster you get at them? Like the Peabody? Does it get to where you don’t even need to look at the directions?

  2. hello: I live in Argentina – Santa Fe. I am also occupational therapist.
    could send some information about claudia allen and the frame of reference of disability cognitva? Unfortunately these books are not sent to the argentina and therefore what can I download from websites
    could help?

  3. That is a great take. Wouldn’t you even get to the point where you don’t need the tool at all?

  4. Hi there
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  5. Hi,

    I am student of Occupational Therapy University in Canada. This is nice blog to get information about Occupational Therapists But How can I get more information about it which are useful for me during my college education.

  6. I saw an OT with my child with special needs. I was amazing at the work you do. And my OT has not only helped my child, but helped me to be a better parent. So I’ve been working on raising awareness of the work OT can do to mainstream parents. I have an OT do a column on my post. Here is her last one.

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