ASSBI Conference

April 29, 2007

This week I will be attending the Australian Society for the Study of Brain Injury (ASSBI) Conference in Brisbane.

This years conference is titled Ecological Practice: Assessment and Rehabilitation and has some well known speakers (namely Catherine Mateer – Canada, Eli Vakil – Israel, Brigette Larkins – New Zealand, Mary P Galea – Melbourne and Leanne Togher – Sydney) and topics (such as Beyond trial and error: Theory-driven methods of memory assessment and remediation, and Everyday functioning through the lens of awareness and executive control.

I am sure I will gain a lot of useful information on cognitive deficits post brain injury and rehabilitation techniques from this course and look forward to using this blog site to present some of my reflections on the information presented and knowledge gained! Stay tuned……….



  1. Fantastic… just a thought – you can also hyperlink in the individual’s home pages where they exist. CAtherine Mateer has her own page…http://web.uvic.ca/psyc/mateer/. I haven’t searched on the others but they may do as well..

  2. Oops another thought – it will be interesting to share your experience of using blogging and perhaps take some business cards with your URL on the back for your blog – it might encourage some people to come and look!

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