Setting up

April 15, 2007

well…..several hours later I have finally managed to add some blog links. I have never thought myself as computer illiterate but this has certainly had its challenges! hehe I even had to resort to changing my theme as I couldn’t work out how to display the links on the old one and this one did it automatically! (I’m sure there was some simple way around this problem however I decided not to waste any more time attempting to find it!)

As you may have noticed my blogroll consists of a few blog sites relating to my areas of interest (occupational therapy and traumatic brain injury) however I must say despite a few hours of searching there is not enough information out there on either let alone the two combined!). Therein lies the reason for the research project……lets get our voice out there!

The search will continue…………………….



  1. So pleased to see you aiming to connect your two interest areas – OT and TBI. My guess is that theres quite a bit on TBI but not a lot with OT….will look forward to reading what you may be reflect on in relation to your thinking around TBI.

  2. Hey there……….finally getting the hang of this. I am interested in TBI as well. Have seen some amazing recoveries and also some sad stories. I met you tonight but cannot remember which person you are!


  3. Hi

    I’ve just set up my new website and blog and would welcome any ideas about what kind of things to add to the site on a regular basis – what would other OT’s find interesting?

    My site is http://www.inclusion.me.uk

    Please feel free to let me know what you think as any feedback would be grateully received.

    Matthew Box

  4. I too just launched a new OT blog site and would love to hear what you have to say.

    Please have a look at my site and leave comments:

    I love the fact that other OTs that are blogging, this is the only way we can grow our field and help people prevent injuries (ergonomics in my field).

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